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Trying to load a URL with a '%' in WV

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This is my first time playing with webviewer. I am trying to load a URL that contains a '%'. It looks like this:


The URL that it actually attempts to load is:


It has replaced the % with %25, and it causes the page to not load. I have tried everything I can think of to trick it into sending just the %. Using different variations of to escape it out, putting the URL into a separate field and loading the field, etc. No dice. Any suggestions?

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I think you are approaching this from the wrong angle

< encodes as %3C

> encodes as %3E

Now i can't find %3D but i should think that it is an encoded character not a string of individual characters.

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I still cant get it to display as %3D even with

GetAsUrlEncoded ("=")

which i would expect to work.

Maybe it is simply an = sign?

Try it.

oh well i hope this goes some way to finding a solution.

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