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Global Container Field

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I think this should be a newbie question, but I don't know. I have a container field that I have given a global value. This field has 2 repetitions. I go into a form and I insert images in both containers and everything works nicely. When I exit and restat the file, the containers are empty. I did the same thing on another table a while ago and these fields retained the images. I want to retain the images.

Does anyone know what I am missing here?

Initially the file was hosted on my computer. Since I have put it in an FM server. Does this have anything to do with it?



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Yes. When a file is shared, the globals are only set for the user's session. When the session ends, the globals are cleared.

This makes it very handy to use globals, since you can rely on them being set on a per-session basis. Unfortunately, it also means that setting globally-modifiable data is a bit more tricky.

The only way (that I know of) to change a global when the file is hosted on a server is to close the file in the server admin interface, open the file directly in Filemaker, modify the global, close the file, and re-open it in the server admin interface.

If you need a field that is globally accessible (ie, from any context) but that can be modified by any user of a shared file, try isolating that field in a "globals" table, and then join that globals table to one of your other tables with an "X" join. You can build this join on any field - you don't have to use primary/foreign keys. What matters is that the "global" table is now "joined" to the other tables in your solution, so that its fields/records can be accessed from within any context.



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Thank you Kevin. I did close the file on the server, opened it directly, inserted the images into the containers and then opened the file again. It worked perfectly.

Thank you so very much. I really appreciate your help.

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