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Subsets of fields in a portal

Jim Carr

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Maybe this is a simpler way, but I still can't figure out how to do it:

See my earlier post below for the repeating fields attempt.

I want to list multiple items and quantities sold on an invoice record. Let's just use multiple fields on the invoice instead of repeating fields as I tried earlier:

Item 1, Item 1 Qty

Item 2, Item 2 Qty

Item 3, Item 3 Qty ...

Item 25, Item 25 Qty

Various part numbers will be entered into one or more the 25 Item X fields, and various quantities into their corresponding Item X Qty fields. Easy enough.

But next I want to view and total up, in another database, a subset of these quantity fields based on the contents of their companion index field, Item X. If and only if Item X contains a certain part number, then I want to list the adjacent Item X Qty from that record (Invoice). Then on the next line of the portal for the next found record, where an Item X field was found to contain the part number, same thing. I get a nice list of "withdrawals" for that part number, based on the invoice activity. In other words, I want my portal relationship to deliver me not just a subset of records but to further search through and deliver to me only the LINE ITEMS -- subsets of fields based on the contents of the index fields. Then I can total up the quantities to get the total of number of these parts ever ordered. Easy enough in a summary, but hard to view in a portal!

All I am trying to do is create a live and automatic inventory counter which scans the multiple entries on the invoices in a database for relevant numbers, and adds it up! It sounds so basic. But I am stumped! Come on you guys, It has to be possible!

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This topic is 7625 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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