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Summary of Related Field?

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I've been looking at this for some time and can't really see an elegant way to do what I need.

I'm essentially dealing with 2 tables, Personnel and Timesheet. What I need is to run a payroll report that will show me how many hours each person in the Personnel table has entered in their records in the Timesheet table (with sub-summary by date).

I have previously done this by looking up all Timesheet records in a date range (date range submitted via script to a global field) and then created a layout that summarizes by person and date. The problem I'm trying to work around is if a person has not entered their time in the Timesheet table - they don't appear on the report at all, because they have 0 records that fit my find criteria.

What I'm thinking is to create a layout based on the Personnel table rather than the Timesheet table, thus listing every employee, but I'm having a very hard time wrapping my brain around how to display their total hours per day... it feels like a summary field and some type of self-relationship may be in order, but my brain is mush, and I can't work it out.

I may be totally on the wrong track too.

Can anyone offer advice?


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Script the process to add a blank time sheet for every employee that doesn't have one, then generate the report.

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