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Leb i Sol

Constrain top X # of sorted records in sub-summary

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Hello everyone,

Is it possible to constrain x number of ("top x") records based on reordered summary field?




-ItemCount = Summary (count of Item)

SubSummary: Name

SubSummary: Item (reordered based on Summary of ItemCount)

End Result:


------Table 5(Item ItemTotal)

------Chair 2

------Stool 1

------Pen 1

------NoteBook 1

------Eraser 1


------Table 8

------Chair 3

------Stool 1

------Pen 1

I would like to be able to see only eg. top 3 Items for each Name.

Many thanks!


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Yes thats pretty straight forward, read here:


and be aware that omit of multiple record has been improved since the article was made.

Hope this is sufficient clue??


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