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Does anyobody has an approximate in the development time with CDML compared with XML? I mean, how much time can i save if development is done using CDML rather than XML? Any factors to consider?

What are the advantages of using CDML or XML?


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Tough question as there are lots of variables involved here.

Let's see...

It's like asking what's faster MS Excel or FMPro. Well, creating the Excel file is certainly much faster. but adjustments and data entry as well as management in Excel will drive you to your grave prematurely.

XML will take more time, but will give you better results. Also, you'll need to use CDML with XML. Where XML will help is in areas like sorting, or searching within a set, where it can work on data that FMPro has pushed to the client end without having to talk to the server again, thus making it faster and not taxing your FMPro.

You should also look at the fact that though XML is 'Wow' technology, an extremely small percentage of users have XML capable browsers. Secondly, XML has an extremely steep learning curve unless you have a strong Java/C++/VB background.

Would suggest that you look at the XML whitepapers on the FileMaker site.

Trust this makes sense.

Rgds, Partha

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This topic is 8364 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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