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Using a Portal to Create Records in Related Tables Simaltaneously

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Newbie question:

I'm developing a solution for kids to track the environmental effects of certain waste items. Each item will have many "choices": recycle, send to landfill, etc. Each choice will have many impacts: energy, water, mineral resources, etc. Please see attached PDF.

Ideally, I'd like to enter in all this information in one layout: the waste item, it's choices for disposal, and each choices' many impacts.

I've been successful in using a basic portal for entering in an item's many choices but not attaching the many impacts to each single choice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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my first response to a topic thats not mine i think so take with a pinch of salt lol.

How about making the fields within the impacts table as repeating? then i 'think' you can include those fields within the choices portal. Or you may be able to create a new portal for the impacts table, and include that within the choice table, not sure if that would work, but i vaguely remember being able to place a portal within a portal.

remember to tick the 'allow creation of records' in the relationship setting.

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