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Netscape 4.7x hangs FMPro Web server

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I have a problem on my FMPro 5.0v3 web server with Netscape. Here are the details:

1) FileMaker Server 5.5 with 5 related databases running on a Win2K box for local clients to access.

2) Second box running WinNT4 Server with a copy of FMPro 5.0v3 Professional Unlimited for input to the database via the web. All web pages were developed in Dreamweaver with hand-built CDML.

Everything works fine except when some people...not all... who use Netscape 4.7x click on my link to search records on the web. The web browser jumps to the search results page but does not display any records. The browser appears to be waiting for the results, but on the database machine, FMPro appears to have hung. Subsequent users get "database is unavailable" dialog boxes and I have to restart FMPro on the web server. I do not have any problems with users who have Internet Explorer. Here is the link that they are clicking on (it seems pretty inocuous to me):

<a href="FMPro?-db=db-jet&-lay=Customer_View_Limited&format=search_results.html&status=open&-sortfield=bldg&-sortorder=ascending&-sortfield=room&-sortorder=ascending&-Find">View Current Requests

Any advice?



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Just a guess, but the hyphen in the db name might be causing problems. (Thanks Keith for noticing it.)

Perform a test: back everything up, rename the database and change the format file to suit the new name, then try it again.

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Vaughan is probably right, Netscape (ver 4.7 & lower) does not intigrate error correction for URL's, wheras MSIE 5.0^ does. The dash is more than likly causing your problem. Also, it doesn't matter if you have the .fp5 or .fp3 at the end of the filename or not, there is only going to be ONE filemaker pro application open serving web companion on the port/IP address you are hitting, so FM assumes the extention is native to the web companion serving it.

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This topic is 8340 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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