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CDML TOOL in Web TOOLS folder?

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Hi, everyone:

I'm a newcomer for FileMaker, I am now using FileMaker Pro 5.5. I want to use "Custom Web Publishing", but I just have a WEB folder and can't find WEB TOOLs folder, not even to say "CDML TOOL in WEB TOOLS folder". I think I have installed FileMaker Pro 5.5 completely, but why?

Moreover, do you think it is necessary to buy HOME PAGE 3.0 so as to simplify the HTML coding? How much is it?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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I had the same question; I think the answer is that it comes with the Developer package. I searched around the internet until I found it to download.

Personally, I think the CDML tool sucks. I don't think there's any CDML code that I've tried to use it for that actually worked without some rewrites. I still can't get radio buttons to work.

Most CDML code I've used, I started with the CDML Tool, read and re-read the relevant topics in the CDML Reference, then searched this forum looking for people who had similar problems and the solutions others posted.

And don't think any published manuals on Filemaker will give you any help, because they don't. Everything I've seen ignores CDML altogether, or simply restates what's already in the CDML Reference.

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Go to the FileMaker Inc web site, go to downloads and download the CDML Reference database.

Forget the CDML tool. Just use the Reference. Print it out.

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In terms of Homepage, I have found it extremely helpful b/c of the ease of use of their reference databases. Dragging and dropping tags ensures that you don't have simple coding errors. I severely disliked the CDML reference within FMP with the exception of some sample code.

If you then later want to use more complex web editors such as dreamweaver, you can then just do that after you have your code in there. I installed a site once for people who only had frontpage, and doing later corrections to CDML through that was unbearable.

Homepage is available for both windows and mac free on a number of sites (by deleting preferences from mac homepage you can have unlimited trial use although i did pay the $60 bucks just to live within the law).


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This topic is 8288 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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