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Account Statement Help!

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Hi to all reading...

Well I'm pottering along with my own solution for invoicing and managing my business accounts ok here.

I'm wondering if I could have some help with creating an Account Statement Report for my clients, which depending on the client, is either issued monthly or quarterly.

The bit I'm stuck on is how to incorporate credits / deposits / overpayments into a running total.

On the onset of a contract, I always request a deposit (usually negotiated with the client before commencement, and is not a static figure or percentage), I then work that deposit off! Eventually their account reconciles and they begin paying an hourly rate.

So... Their statement needs to display an Opening Balance that is either in arrears, credit, or just a current balance as their latest invoice would show. Then a column on the report detailing the Invoices issued, against the payments received, and what the balance is. If they have made on Overpayment, I would like that credited to their next account.

I'm at a loss as to the best way to work the overall structure out here.

My invoices are working fine (without any credits / overpayments), and the setup is a Join Table of Invoices and Line Items, and I input data directly into the Invoice via Line Items portal.

Any ideas, or suggestions would be great :

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You would have to grab the invoice value to an AR (accounts receivable) Line via Script. How I usually do it is to create a Post button, so when you finished the Invoice you hit POST and a Script posts it into an AR Line. This can be balanced out much easier.

Hope I understood what you are trying to do.


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