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Daily Transaction Report

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This one has me scratching my head.

I'm working on a touch screen, point of sale retail solution for a golf course.

I need to generate a report at the end of a period of sales that summarizes the various "products" sold.

There are 37 products, each with a PRODUCT NO.,

PRICE, QTY and DESCRIPTION. These are sub-divided into 8 logical groupings.

On any given day there could be from 0 to over 50 units sold for each product number.

The printed report summarizes the number of units sold as follows:



001 Resident 2 90.00

002 Senior 0 0.00

003 Student 1 30.00

** SubTotal ** 3 120.00

Greens Fees

101 Resident 9 Hole 12 168.00

102 Senior 9 Hole 9 90.00

... (others)

**SubTotal ** 96 1321.00

Gas Carts

301 18 Hole Gas Cart 13 362.00

302 9 Hole Gas Cart 9 142.00

**SubTotal ** 22 504.00

( 5 other catagories, each with a catagory sub-total)

Finally a Gross Total which is the sum of all sub-totals in units and dollars.

***TOTAL*** 168 2470.00

I imagine a script would start with sorting on the part no. field and the break field would be the catagory in which those specific no.s were placed. A subsummary report ?? I can't seem to get a handle on how to nail this one down.

Help please.

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Your products should also have a Category field, which is one of the eight groupings (Registration, Green Fees, etc)

The report would have sub-summary fields for Category, ten Product No i that order. Sort by Category, Product No in that order.

Should work, nothing too hard about your situation. Just got to get the data structure right.

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