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need calculation that words with related records

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My database has a student order table, which is related to the main student table. I'm trying to "idiot proof" the ordering process. I've got scripts that check the relationship to see that aren't identical orders. I'm trying to come up with a script that will indicate if two orders that shouldn't be placed together are attempted. As an example, if a "pasta dinner with salad" is ordered, the user shouldn't be able to order "salad".

In the order table, I have a field that indicates the product type (Dominos, SubWay etc), an additional field for the item description. I think I need a way to query all related records item fields and compare it to the order being placed. Suggestions?

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Hi Tracy!

Well, it would be easier to have a Product Type table with an Items table so items could be selected from value list. Then the relational comparison would be easier. But here's a down-and-dirty idea (file attached). It's not perfect because, if you have two meals with the word 'with' in them, it will say they may be dupliates.

I didn't set this up to be ran from the Students table. But I think it will be clear how it functions.



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