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Multi-file User Authentication - Urgent help if possible!

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Hi everyone...

I am almost embarassed to be asking this one. When I started this solution I didn't know anything about filemaker - and I have been gradually learning by reading the "missing manual" and the "filemaker 9 bible" amongst other sources, and of course this forum.

However, my initial application for filemaker was very limited. Over the last few months however, I have been asked by the company I work at to continually expand this - and it now includes every department of the company.

My problem is I started off with a multi-file environment, as I didn't quite understand the methods filemaker uses. As such, I now have 16 seperate files containing different areas of my database (each one having several tables).

Whilst filemaker works fine on a network this way, and I haven't had any problems, I have now run into an authentication problem. Some users, such as the general manager, will be able to access all parts of the system. However, how can I control the user authentication across multiple files, and enable them to change their password, without having to manually go through EVERY file and change it?

As it stands I have a set of accounts with configured priviliges on every file - which are consistent with each other. This means if I log in to my main interface as a "Warehouse Admin" for instance, I can continue to navigate under this same account. However, if I change the password for that account on the main interface, I then won't be able to access any other files...

I realise my structure is incorrect from the outset. However, at the end of the day it is a learning curve, and I have done my best in every other element to make it secure and efficient. I believe previous filemaker versions worked primarily as multi-files, so surely there must be a way to solve this?

Needless to say merging everything into one file at this stage would not be an option - as the final deadline is in 2 weeks.

Any and all help would, as always, be immensely appreciated.

Best Regards,

Jason V.

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I forgot to mention... I have had a look through external server authentication and single sign on... I am slightly confused about the differences and lacking a solid resource to review in order to learn about this... I feel perhaps one of these two methods could help me solve my problem??

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External Server Authentication is specifically designed to accomplish efficient management of this task.

You will need to do a one time retrofit of all your files, after which time the Accounts will be managed on the server.

There is a Tech Brief about External Server Authentication on the FMI web site. If you can't find it, please let me know.


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Steven, Many thanks for your reply.

I had spent a couple of hours looking over this last night in a chapter in the Filemaker Pro9 Bible, where it was suggested to use scripts that automatically change the user login details across all files. I thought it was probably not the best way to go about it, and after several hours configuring it to test, I realised it was also quite slow and gave rise to more headaches than those which it solved...

I am assuming external server authentication will be alot more secure and will make the process flow better?

I am downloading the file you spoke of at the moment and will proceed to review it asap. Unfortunately I have run into a far greater problem which I am trying to deal with - which I have posted in the section on run-time applications - regarding kiosk mode... If you could by any chance help me on that I would also be immensely greatful. Thanks in advance, and thanks again for your help.

Jason V

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