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Finding Records Between Decades

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I am working with records documenting antique objects. The documenters have given their estimates of the earliest and latest decades in which the objects were made. i.e., they may have entered 1840 in one field and 1860 in the other.

In some cases, they have only entered dates in one field, evidently believing that to be the right decade.

I would like to search for all records >= earliest decade and <= latest decade. Is there a way for a novice to do this?

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Try this.

Create a gobal field and enter the decades that you are looking from in this field as "earlist decade..lastest decade"

write a script such as

enter find mode (check the do not pause box)

set field [your name of the first field;the name of the gobal field}

preform find

attached the script to a button.

This will find the earlist and lastest decade

or if you want to find the decades manually

Under the view menu

chose the find mode

type in the "first decade .. second decade" in the first field

press the continue button in the staus area.

this will also find what you are looking for.

Hope this helps


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