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noob question about relationships

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I have 3 tables in my PR database:

media information (key=MediaName)

journalists (key=Journalist)

project (key=ProjectName)

media information has multiple journalists in a portal

in project I would like to (theoretically!) be able to choose 20-50 of the MediaName into a list, and have project related fieldsfor each MediaName. It should also be able to bring in information from Journalists.

Could you recommend the correct, or smart way to set this up? I am really a beginner so apologies for such a noob question, but do appreciate any help.

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Thank you -- I analyzed your posts/files, and also hit the books myself (FM Bible, Missing Manual).

I now have the basic db setup. I have two questions, if you could point me in the right direction.

1) in table ProjectTrack I have Go to Related Records running so that it only shows those records with same Project ID from Project. I want to automatically insert that ProjectID number from the table Project for every new record. For some reason it is just not working.

2) this may be too difficult for my skills, but I would also like to insert a bunch of data from table Media Info into this table as new records. Ideally I could select the media I want from Media Info, sort it, and then add these as new records automatically into Project Track.

Enclosed are 2 screen shots....thanks anyone for helping out or pointing in the right direction.



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