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calculated field in self join relationship on parent side fails

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I am trying to have a user friendly navigation of records within a layout of a table. The user would only need to click in the portal from a self-join relationship to go to the related record (i.e. sessionid).

Now the portal is intended to show a filtered subset of records, according to criteria from a childtable (i.e. only future dates and empty dates in this example). See layout 'test'.

So far I have tried a selfjoin based on a calculated field 'cwaitinglist' having a value 1 in case the criteria are met, and an auto-enter field 'c_one' (also tried a global storage without success). From the forum I learned that the calculated field can be used in a relationship if used on the parent side.

In the example the second portal based on the self-join using the uncalculated field 'manual' shows the intended behavior, however without the automation of the calculation.

As a novice I am probably overlooking somthing obvious. Any input is very much appreciated.



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Hi Philip, welcome to FM Forums! :laugh2:

Your sessions table appears to be a 1-to-1 relationship to your Dates table. May I ask why you have them as two distinct tables? Once we can understand the purpose and context, we can probably help you structure your file properly.

Please describe the data entities involved in your design. I see no Patient tables. What types of sessions are you tracking?


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Try to see how I would deal with the matter... if I get it right???


That is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Soren

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