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Updating a calculation.

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Hi all,

I have a problem.

How do I make the following calculation update?


If the Tax Code previously was set for FRE as an example and then changed to GST at a later date, I would like the calculation to automically occur. It only calculates on new invoices not existing ones.



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Well it's a calc - but it needs to reside inside an autoenter field. For autoenter values are an option box where you check if the calc' continuously evaluates, or it's a once and for all in the records lifetime - the feature you're after is also known as lookups. This means that the older invoices doesn't change if a tariff alters.

So it actually to opposite way around, data of historic value should be stored locally in each itemline, while the update of calc'fields and summary fields should be used where the issue isn't established until an event requires it.

If you were to make vat tariffs unstored values, would you as developer be called in each time the rates changes by adding new conditions into the calculations def.

Try to investigate how old women like Ralph and I would structure the task:


...where you should pay attention to how the value of price is established in the join table as a historic fact, instead of letting all invoices flow with the price fluctations...


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