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How to select Home or Work Address on Mailing Label

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I am helping someone create mailing labels from what I think is a predefined FileMaker Pro 9 database called Contact Management. (Someone else - who is gone - set up the database and entered the data.) There are fields for both Home and Work addresses. There is a section labeled "Preferred mailing address." Under this label are two boxes - one for Home and one for Work, with the check mark appearing in the preferred mailing address.

If a record contains both the Home and Work addresses but the Work address is checked how do I get only the Work address to print on mailing labels? Likewise, if a record has both addresses but the Home is the preferred address how do I get it to work?

My thinking is since this database seems to be a FileMaker Pro 9 template there might be a label layout already set up to use? Wouldn't that be nice!

FileMaker Pro 9 is used. I am an intermediate Access user but new to FileMaker. Thanks for any help.

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I'm not familiar with the template, but here's an educated guess. I feel that the preferred address will print on the label layout. To see the layout, and the fields that print, go to View>Layout Mode and look thru the layouts for one that looks like labels.

So, all you need to do is confirm that you have the preferred address set correctly.

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