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Only allow entry in a field based on the value in another field?

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I am new at Filemaker Pro 10, and I wanted to know, in the layout, is there a way to only allow entry into a field based on the value in another field?

For example, let's say I have a field called "Individual or Company". The possible values are chosen from a value list and they are Individual and Company. If the selection is company, I want the user to be able to enter data in the Company Name field. I don't care if this is via a pop-up entry request window (not sure if this is possible), or if a new field can appear on the layout. I know that you can hide the field and make it appear based on another fields value, but wouldn't you run the risk that way of a user inadvertently being able to enter date in the field by accidentally tabbing or clicking in the hidden field if you only use formatting?

Alternatively, I would like if the value is Individual, that the user is requested to enter in another field whether the individual is the main contact or another person, and if it is another person, then I would like two fields to pop up being the other persons first and last name.

I suppose that the end result of this is both that I can conditionally enter the data, and also that if one value is selected I cannot enter the data related to the other value. (ie. if Individual is selected, then I am restricted from entering data in the Company Name field)

Can this be done? Any help on how to do this is greatly appreciated.

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We ran into this in one of our system. We have a Contacts table, and in it we have both Individuals and Companies.

We solved the UI issue with two data entry form layouts. So, user clicks New Contact and they're asked, "Individual or Company?" Scripts navs to the respective form layout based on their answer. Contact record is flagged appropriately (that is flag_IsCompany is set to 1, if required).

Navigation from the list is also smart, to switch to the proper form view.

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