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Exporting XML using FMPDSORESULT- losing records in the export

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I am using Filemaker Pro to export XML to produce listings in InDesign for information submitted by various organizations. My listings database is linked to another database in the following manner:

The listings for each month are in one database, and the usual suspects who submit the listings are in another Contacts type database. The listings DB pulls information from the related Contacts DB based on a key field to cut down on data entry, and puts it into portal fields. It pulls the id number from this related database, and stores that as well for each record. (I use this as a link to related record button --a quick way for our data entry folks to look up the related record.) The listings database also fills in a few lookup fields based on the key field as I've found that it is easier to use lookup fields when exporting the xml. (shorter name paths, less confusing structure when importing to other programs).

[color:green]The problem I am having: When I import the FMPDSORESULT xml into InDesign, only the first record for a listing at a specific place shows up. It seems that in the exported xml file, only the FIRST listing at this place is exported. Each additional record from that location is ignored. I have a hunch that this is because of the related records, I think I technically (yet inadvertently) created one to many relationships between the two databases based on the key field and the contact id number field. If that is the case, would the problem I am having be solved by simplifying the relationship to a one to one?

[color:green]My question: Does anyone have experience with this, and would I be able to solve the problem by creating a join table, and linking the two tables to the join table via a join id number instead? In this way, the id numbers for all records would be discreet, though the name field would obviously have the same data. So, will this work, and will my use of a join table really create a one to one relationship?

Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

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I'm fairly familiar with XML, but I think this is really not an XML problem.

Would you confirm the tables that you have and from which one you're exporting?




What are the relationships?

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Thanks for your response. another forum member, bruce wilson let me know that it was probably related to the sort. So, when exporting the xml, I had to unclick the group by options in the export fields dialog box.

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