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stop button from being used more than once

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Hello friends i have a script which is connected to a button that shows a custom dialog asking for a username which then puts that name into a field i would then like for that button to become useless until they log out is there a way to do this?

Thanks for any help in advance

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Is that field empty upon sign-in? If so:

If(Not IsEmpty(Sign_In_Field)

Exit Script


//Go on with the rest of the script.

Now after the user signs in if you click on the button nothing happens. You could also set the button with conditional formatting to be grayed out if(Not IsEmpty(Sign_In_Field). Now you have a grayed button that will do nothing as long as the sign in field has data in it.

If the sign_in field is empty then set a global field as a tag. If its true exit script.


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