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Mark A Snyder

Scripted date find using ≥ and a global date

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In a script, I'm setting a global date field with a date value entered in the Show Dialog script step. I then want continue the script to find all records with a date that is equal to or greater than the global date.

I first thought I could simply use the enter find mode script step, set the date field to ≥ global date, and then perform find. But, FileMaker does not allow the ≥ character. I can get around this using copy and paste but that is sloppy.

What is the best way to script this?

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Hi Mark, welcome to the greatest FileMaker forum in the universe!!

The :great: must be treated as text so it would be:

Enter Find Mode [ uncheck pause ]

Set Field [ yourDateField ; ":great:" & global date ]

Perform Find [ ]

Capture the global date from the User (within the Custom Dialog) before entering Find Mode.

LaRetta :wink2:

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