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Grandchild record - GTRR

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I have a Parent (Party: includes Contacts & Companies) to Child Portal relationship (Companies only) to Grandchild portal relationship(Shareholders: Contacts & Companies from Parent). I have a button on my grandchild portal that I want to perform a script to return me to the related record in the Parent. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to write such a script? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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The Go to Related Record [show only related records; From table: "Parent"; Using layout: "Parent" (Parent)] script step will work across the 3 tables.

So in Parent Table you have a kpParentID key field. When you make a Child record it has a kpChildID key field but it also has a kfParentID which stores the Parent ID and relates the child to the Parent. Then from the Child record, when you make a Grandchild record it will have a kpGrandchildID key field and a kfChildID which stores the ID of the Child record in the Grandchild's record.

In this way you can 'see' from the Grandchild through the Child Record to the Parent record and the go to Related Record step above will work across the 3 tables taking you back to the Parent record.

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