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Digital Signature Fields Revisited

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Months ago I inquired about digital signature fields, members responded and gave me good tips. I do have some related issues to solve and hope you can help me.

I designed a layout report that includes two text fields at the bottom. One field designated for the SUPERVISOR and the other field designated for the TRAINEE. The Supervisor and Trainee sign off when the report is completed.

It was suggested earlier that I set the “Field Level Access” for each field in the ACCOUNTS & PRIVELIGES section to limit who has access to the SUPERVISOR field and the TRAINEE fields. That seemed to be a logical solution at the time but I realized another problem, any supervisor can enter whatever name they desire in the supervisor’s signature field and any trainee can enter any name they desire in the trainee’s signature field.

Another member’s tip requested the following; Get(accountname) “unstored” which will give me the current user who is logged in. Many users do not use their full name as their log-in screen name.

I set up the database for users to log into the database with predefined account names based on account privileges. Example – Supervisor1, Supervisor2, Supervisor3…. Trainee1, Trainee2, Trainee3… all have individual passwords.

If the account name “Supervisor1” is assigned to user “James Brown,” how can I set the signature field to only accept text entered as “James Brown?”

Thank You

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Maybe my previous post was not clear, let me ask you this. If you designed a paperless database and have two text fields designated for a Trainee & Supervisor's name, how could you authenticate the user who entered their name inside their designated field?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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