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Image Thumbnail roll-over question

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I have a question regarding images in the layout. This request stems from my limited experience making websites, so I'm not sure if this is possible within FileMaker.

I'm using Ver. 8 on a Mac.

I'm making an inventory for my friend's guitar collection. He would like to be able to add up to 5 photos for each guitar in the "form" view. What I was hoping to do was have one main square window for an image, with 5 smaller squares underneath. As you click on the smaller squares, the corresponding picture appears in the main square.

This is common on websites like Best Buy where they want to give multiple views of a product. You click on the individual thumb-nails, which then, in turn, brings up the desired image in the main, larger window.

Is this possible in Filemaker? Please let me know if you need more information, or if I wasn't clear in my request.

Thank you,


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You should store your images in a separate related table. You can have one container field reference your thumbnails small images and another container field for the larger image.

You can then have a 5 row portal display your container with the smaller images. Then you can use Go To Related Record (open new window option) to a new layout based on a TO of the image table, which has a container field with your larger image.

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