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Relationship using a date field linked with >= creates a wrong date on entry in portal

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Hi Everyone,

I have 2 tables. One is People and the other is Correspondence. The relationship is:

PersonID = PersonID

AND Filter_Out_After_This_Date >= Correspondence_Date

And Filter_Out_Before_This_Date <= Correspondence_Date

I have a portal using this relationship within the People table. When i use this portal to create a new Correspondence record, i run into the problem that the date is set to whatever the Filter_Out_Before_This_Date field is, even if the first thing that i type is in the Correspondence_Date.

When that happens, i'd enter something like 28/1/09 into the Correspondence::Correspondence_Date filed, press enter, but the newly created record will have a date of 1/1/90 (or whatever's in the Filter_Out_Before_This_Date field).

Is there a way round this, or do i have to get used to first entering into another field, and then overwriting the newly filled out Correspondence_Date field. (I understand that it needs to have this file filled to make the relationship work, but i'd assumed that if you fill it with a valid value, FM would take that and not overwrite it.)

Many thanks for your thoughts,


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