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Controlling Import Directory

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Just started playing with the demo. I noticed the "batch" import is run with a script that automatically appends a new director (1, 2, .....) to the path. Not a problem to edit that for my purposes.

The problem is that if I use the "Upload" button that is in the WebViewer, it does the same thing but I can't seem to find a script for that.

What am I missing?

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The webviewer uses a calculation that is based on the Record ID or another serial field of that table.

This might be easier to explain over the phone.

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I think I'll avoid the web viewer as I will have multiple SC images/files/whatever you call them per patient record. With that, I'm getting the impression I can't use the web viewer but must use a portal view.

I've managed to figure out how to edit the scripts to handle updating the necessary fields in my SC table so I think that will be the way to go - posted this question in the Logic Check topic here.

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