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I'm just starting to play with the demo to see if it will work for my solution - I'm pretty darn sure it will just don't know how to do it.

Here's the situation: Want to store scanned copies of forms to a db. The problem is that each patient will have multiple forms and in some cases multiple copies of each form.

Directory Structure so far:



Here's the logic I'm working under so far:

Can't use WebViewer as each patient will have multiple images so I need to resort to the portal method. First off, if this is an incorrect assumption, please tell me what I'm missing.

Since SC only prefers 1 file per folder and my relationship for the portal is the PatientID, need to manually create the sub-directory for the new form.

To add a form, use the SCChooseFile to allow the user to find the local file. If valid, lookup the PatientID in the Patients_SC db and get the found count. Add 1 to that number and embed that into the path so a new form for patient 1008 would be:


if this were the 8th form added.

Using the demo copy, I'm building the cResourceIdentifier field (since it's already setup to use that one) and changed it from a calculation to a static text (could probably figure out how to leave it a calc later) and build it on the fly based on script parameters passed in (namely "Patients", "Forms", and "[PatientID]". Reason is that if this works, I will also setup a db for Doctors forms and letters.

So, what's wrong with my logic? Anything? As will all programming problems, there are numerous ways to solve them. I'm just trying to find the simplest for now.


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I think you're doing the same thing, I'm about to advise... but here it goes

I would setup a separate FileMaker table - Forms

this table would contain your

baseURL calc - "http://serverAddress:portNumber/SuperContainer/Files"

folderPath calc - Forms::RecordID

it would have a foreign key to Patients, that would be used to related documents to a patient

You could have another simmilar table for letters, but I think that you could just store both in Forms table, maybe rename it Documents, by adding a type field to distinguish between forms and letters.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss if you feel that by phone it would be easier.

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