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Hello Community at large,

I have a problem that has frustrated me for days now.

Chief Complaint: I can not figure out how to sort by day of the month only (within dates covering only one month)

Details: We have a Demographics type data base and I need to be able to make lists of everyone with dates in the upcoming month (there are actually four date fields I have to search through).

I currently run a search like 2/{1..31}/* to find all dates that fall within the month, and then view them all in a layout I created for this purpose. But the results need to then be organized by the day of the month. The problem I have run into so far is that FMP seems to follow the logical globally accepted rule that the year is actually important to chronology. I know it can be done, but how?

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Same month, but not the same year? You will need to add a calculation field (result is Number) =

Day ( YourDateField )

and use it for sorting.

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You are a great person, thank you!

I am new to fmp so I am figuring this out as I go. That looks simple enough that I should of known how to do it, but I would of torn my hair out trying to solve it on my own.

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