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Operation on radio buton selection

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I am a Biology major with zero programming experience. I've just started using File maker and I'm creating a database for an online store in which, I have provided my customers the opportunity to pay via credit card.

In my database, I have two sets of addresses: 1)Billing address 2) Shipping address.

I've put in a radio button to check whether both addresses are the same.

If the radio button option selected is Yes, I would like the address details entered in the billing section to automatically copy themselves to the shipping address fields.

If the radio button option selected is "No" I would like my representative to be able to enter text into the shipping address fields manually.

I've tried setting the shipping address field type to calculate but that doesn't allow me to manually enter data if my option is "no".

what should the radio button type be?

Could anybody propose an easy way for me to do this??(A sample code would be really helpful)



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You will want to use a text field with the Auto-Enter option of 'calculated value' for shipping. (Not calculation field)

Case ( radiobutton = "Yes"; billingaddress; "")

Make sure that 'Do not replace' is unchecked.

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You can use Case( ) but the Condition isn't very complicated.


Then go through a series of Set Field(Shipping Address to = Billing Address)

Do that for each of the fields you want to copy billing information into shipping fields

I hope that helps you.

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