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Checkbox find for FMP v6

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I'm having problems with creating a script that will allow the user to check off multiple options to search the same field for. This solution must work for FMP v6, as that is what the company has installed on the end user's machines.

The details are: I have a Value List(breeds) that is displayed as checkboxes (gGlobal). If these user wants to find two types of dogs, they'd click the checkboxes next to "Dalmatian" and "Poodle" and click a button that would run a script that does the following:

-Enter find mode

-See how many checkboxes are ticked

-loop performing a search based on each box thats ticked, extending the found set.

Sounds relatively easy to me, but I can't seem to get it to work in version 6.

Any help is appreciated.

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Why can't they just make a 'normal' find request?

Enter Find mode

select 'Poodle'

New record/request

select 'Dalmation'

perform find

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I was trying to make it a little more elegant than that. In my mind, selecting the species you want to search for and then hitting a "run report" button is nicer.


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Appreciate what your saying, but you're imposing upon yourself...

You'll need another layout with some GLOBAL fields (otherwise the user would be editing the current record) that are the equivalents to the 'Breed' field

Once you've got the globals entered then you can run your script.

As you can see this requires a click to start the routine (change layout) and a click to complete the routine - which is no different to starting a find request and completing it.

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