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Argh! Does this happen to you??

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I spent HOURS last night, adding 1500 records to a FM table.

Today, I used File->Send to an Excel File. I'm on Mac Office 2008.

I created a Pivot Table.

I copied and pasted the data from the pivot table to values.

I'm trying to add lines and borders - as usual - within Excel. For some reason, when I work with this data (either in the original file or if I copy and paste the data to a new workbook) - the line commands are REVERSED!

ie, if I want to add vertical lines, I wind up with horizontal lines.

if I specify I want horizontal lines, I get vertical!

All I can say is UGHHHHHHHHHHH!

Edit: work around - if I include column A in my formating, I get the expected results.

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