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Question on Join Table, new to FM

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I am new to FM but not databases.

I have 2 tables, Contacts and Consultants. The consultants is company based and the contacts are people. The contacts can be associated with as my companies as they want. When I bring up the company form, I want to see all contacts associated with that company. I have this working.

I have a 3rd table that is nothing more then the key for the company and the key for the people. I build a relationship between the tables and used that to build a portal on the form and it lists all the people associated with that company and I can update their info that is listed.

How do I go about adding a new people though, wither it is selected a person already in the database or adding a new person to the database.

I know how to do this with sql or mysql but I am new to FM. Thank you.

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Well a new contact would just be a new record in the contacts table; doesn't have to fancy. As for adding a new record in the join table, you can do it via scripting or relationships with allow creation of records on perhaps with using a drop down list of contacts. Personally, I like for this a scripted UI where a user choose a contact from perhaps a popup window with a widdled down layout of the contacts table.

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