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Circular Relationships

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I'm building a large database for the first time and am not sure if I've got everything working right.

I have three main tables: Assets, Issues and Project. All three can be related to either of the other two but do not have to. When I go to create relationships between all three (Using Join tables) I can't do it all the way around since there is already a relationship between the two (ie. I connected Assets to Issues and Issues to Projects, but can't connect Projects to Assets). Would this mean I can't have a relation from Assets to projects without having a common Issue?

I think this has somthing to do with table occurences but I'm not sure what it all means. I dont know if I'm overthinking it or I just don't enough about tables.

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Welcome to FM Forums!

Sounds like you could benefit from a read of the Anchor-Buoy method. It's one way to manage table occurrences on the relationship graph, since circular references aren't permitted.

Kevin Frank's Anchor-Buoy Docs

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