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Custom Import/Export

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Why-o-why can't we yet specify the Import source and destination tables based upon a calculation/variable? I realise that mapping the fields would be a daunting task, so how about just 'Matching Field Names' or 'Last Order' as the options to choose from?

Then, also give us the ability to do the reverse i.e. export our data with the same controls.

Field mapping could be achieved with the FieldNames ( fileName ; layoutName ) and TableNames ( fileName ) functions to get an array of the field names and types for both destination and source tables. But this would be a laborious task to setup in some cases, but not all. A script could be written in such a way to use these functions that could then handle any table/database. However, in most cases you would want to map using matching names. But knowing how many tables need exporting, importing would be useful for growing solutions.

I strongly believe this is a huge hole in the offerings to Advanced developers. Having many solutions in many environments means having to keep tables and fields matched in live and offline/archive systems.

You may be thinking, why not just Save As Copy or Export each table... well you can do this, but it reduces flexibility of the solution and adds to the development cycle with extra work to keep any such scripted methods up to date. Even exporting the data using TAB, CSV or similar.

However, the only guaranteed method for extracting data from FileMaker and keeping it in the same format (I'm looking at you formatted text fields!) is to keep it in the FileMaker file format.

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit frustrated by this. I've searched high and low to find a plug-in which could emulate this feature. Nothing ticks all the boxes. I've contacted some plugin developers and, while they've been helpful and sympathetic, none have been able to produce a workable solution.

Here's hoping that this is a feature that is looming around the corner with a future update. I just hope it isn't version 15. ???

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I couldn't agree more.

Variables for source and destination tables, and Match Field IDs option would help us greatly. According to FileMaker staff, there is a file format limitation for the latter.

I posted a FM10 technique here that might help you in some cases though ???


(download the Field Map file)


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Thanks for this info. Interesting that even if this feature existed there'd still be problems using Fields IDs. Oh well, I'm still holding out hope for a solution or workaround which will help.

Your link was interesting, but I couldn't see a way which it could be adapted to fit my current needs. Bookmarked it (remember those?*) for future reference.

*I seem to use Digg etc more than bookmarks these days as I don't have a laptop and end up hopping from one computer to another.

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