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Daniel N

Open a quicktime on a Network drive with applescript?

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How can I make FileMaker open a quicktime that's on a Network drive with applescript?

I've tried:

[set Variable] $$qt_path

[Perform Applescript] Calculation:


"do shell script open " & Quote("$$qt_path")


[set Variable] $$qt_path

[Perform Applescript] Calculation:

"tell application " & Quote("Finder") & "activate " & "open file " & Quote("$$qt_path")

Tried several combos incase my code is faulty... but nothing works. I'm going insane... seriously

ps. "alias" & Quote("&&qt_path")

works to check if the quicktime-file exists, so the same path should work to open the quicktime, right...?

Anyway I've tried a dozen of different paths as well. But it won't work! .ds


Got it working, was just my formatting.

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It might be best if you upload a little example file. Because there's some minor problem, likely with your path, but it is so hard to tell when just reading it here.

One thing for sure, Unix paths, which is what you must use for: do shell script

are not the same as AppleScript (old-style Mac) paths. They have slashes instead of colons, for a starter. They do not allow unescaped spaces in the path, as that is used as an argument separator in a Unix command. But there are simple methods to escape them, and fairly simple methods to convert paths from Unix to Mac.

This Apple document explains how to use the two together:


In your 2nd attempt, via "vanilla" AppleScript, you declare a FileMaker global script Variable; but I can't see that you put the path into its value, in which case it's still empty.

Also, in your calculation you surrounded the variable with quote marks. Quote ($$variable) will work; but if you put quote marks around also it will not evaluate; you'll just get the text: "$$qt_path" (incl. the quotes); which ain't no path ???-]

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