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tom robinson

script triggered find on calculated key

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I'm so delighted with the simplicity of implementing a mac like find field [find_field] via the "onObjectModify" trigger which invokes a find script [peo_search] ... but when trying to do a find on a calculated field [peo_multikey] calculated as [ fname & lname & company & stnum & stname & city]

the find doesn't reveal all calculated records that contain find string ?

data viewer shows string exists within calculation for each record but it seems to miss some but not all?

script > peo_search ;

Set Error Capture [ On ]

If [ (IsEmpty ( find_field)) ]

Show All Records

Go to Record/Request/Page

[ First ]

Sort Records [ Specified Sort Order:lname; ascending ]

[ Restore; No dialog ]

Exit Script [ ]

End If

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [peo_multikey; find_field]

Perform Find [ ]

Go to Field [find_field]

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Your concatenated field needs returns btw the values. find_field should be a global.

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