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Custom Menus Disappear

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Ok I have been working on a solution for the last few weeks and am now at the the point that i am making it a runtime solution. The problem is that the file dependent on custom menus that contain a link to one script the close window command and the print command. That is all that is in the custom menus and it works great when opened with FMP 10 advance.

However when i build the runtime solution it displays the title bar with the custom menu headers at the top but the menu does not appear (drop down) when the header is clicked or hovered over clicked.

Help anyone....

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Ok not all the menus disappeared/stopped working. Only the one with the close command in it. I would like to enable the close function on the windows (Little red circle on the top left for the mac and the red "x" on the the top right corner for windows). Including the "close" command in the menu system apparently does not work. In fact it does not even display in a custom menu set when it is built into a runtime. Does anyone know a way of enabling the close buttons?

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