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PDFs from subsummary reports

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I've attached a PDF I've generated which is based on a layout with subsummaries and I was wondering if I could avoid the situation which has happened at the bottom of page 1 where the leading subsummary continues onto page 2.

When Filemaker is creating PDFs is it able to work out that a leading subsummary can't fit completely onto a page and therefore starts it at the top of the next page instead?



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This isn't exactly what you want, but perhaps it could help?

In the part definition dialog for your subsummary:

Layouts->Part Setup->Change Button

There is a checkbox marked: "Page break before each occurrence"

which will result in the separate sub-summarized groups of records each being given their own set of pages.

I don't know what you'd have to do to get the result you actually want, but maybe you can work around it. Multiple print jobs?

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Yes it's a good suggestion, maybe if I try the option of a break every 4 or 5 occurences or something. Thanks!

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