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Portal Calculation


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I'm trying to find a way to perform two actions in one script:

Action 1(Already works): Search for all records w/in a specific date range and that contain a certain critera within each records portal.

Action 2(The problem): Once I know how many cases there are that meet this critera I want to know how many of the portal rows within each case have a certain criteria. I actually need the number (i.e. portal for record 1 contains 5 occurances of a particular word, record 2 contains 1, and so on for each record in the set I've found).

There is probably a much easier way to do this than what I'm doing so any help is appreciated. crazy.gif

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It seems like the solution to every question I'm answering these days is "concatenated key."

You could try something like this:

Create a global text field gCriteria where you can select or enter your criteria. Create a calculated text field CriteriaKey that is:

RecordNumber & "-" & gCriteria

Now create a corresponding CriteriaKey in your related file (but with your local Criteria field, not a global).

Back in your main file, create a relationship CriteriaMatch that is CriteriaKey::CriteriaKey.

Now create a calculation, Count(CriteriaMatch::Criteria)

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This topic is 7376 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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