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Portal bug...?

Ocean West

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Hello everyone,

I've come across something that is hard to explain, so I would like to share

it with you or even get a reply from someone who has a solution.

I've built an agenda system that contains something I call a 'select view':

a layout with a portal that displays the appointments for a specific date

only (faster than doing a find over and over). The relationship for this

portal consists of a date global on the front end and the appointment date

on the back end.

To make shure people are not bothering each other on the network, I even

scripted something, so that whenever you go to this 'select view', the

database switches to a unique single record for each user.

Here's the trouble: whenever someone on the network uses the portal's

scrollbar, FileMaker (5.0v3 in this case), switches the unique ereord to 'active', BUT ALSO THE TOP RECORD IN THE PORTAL! to 'active' or 'in use', disabling everyone else to scroll. 'This

record is in use by...' is the message, while every field inside the portal

is locked!

Anyone? Thank you,

Pierre Brouwer,


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This topic is 6772 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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