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DataSeparated report sporadic in showing data

Matthew Miller

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I have a database that contains student information. One of the items I attempted to create is a schedule. This was a bit tricky for me, as it involved creating a fairly deep cascade of buoy TOs in order to show all the data desired. Originally, it worked fine to create the schedules. However, now that I'm going back and trying to print schedules on a one-off basis as changes are made, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't! When it doesn't, I get a page full of blank portals, as if the global student ID field were left blank (though it isn't).

Here's the structure:

In the data file I have tables w/ the following fields (non-relevant fields excluded for brevity, let me know if you think they're necessary):


COURSE - CourseID, Title, Room, SchoolYear, TermMajor

COURSEENROLLMENT - CourseEnrollmentID, CourseID, StudentID, SchoolYear, Term_Major (auto-lookup from Course)

BLOCK - BlockID, Title, gConstMon, gConstTue, gConstWed, gConstThu, gConstFri


BLOCKTIMESLOTS - TimeslotID, DayOfWeek, StartTime, EndTime

Then in the presentation file I have a globals table with a field g_Selection_StudentID. Based on this, the anchor-buoy TOG for the report in question is:

1 g1_ - this table is the global table in the Presentation file, containing g_Selection_StudentID

2 g1_STU (TO of Student) - link g1_::g_Selection_StudentID = g1_STU::StudentID

3 g1_stu_ENR (TO of CourseEnrollment) - link g1_STU::StudentID = g1_stu_ENR::StudentID, g1_STU::g_CurrentSchoolYear = g1_stu_ENR::SchoolYear, g1_STU::g_Current_TermMajor = g1_stu_ENR::Term_Major

4 g1_stu_enr_CRS (TO of Course) - link g1_stu_ENR::CourseID = g1_stu_enr_CRS::CourseID

5 g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b - link g1_stu_enr_CRS::CourseID = g1_stu_enr_crs_C2B::CourseID AND

6 g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_BLK (TO of Block) - link g1_stu_enr_crs_C2B::BlockID = g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_BLOCK::BlockID

7 g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_BLKtsMON (TO of BlockTimeslots) - link g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk::BlockID = g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_BLKtsMON::BlockID AND g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk::gConstMon = g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_BLKtsMON::DayOfWeek

8 g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon_BLK (TO of Block) - link g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon::BlockID = g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon_BLK::BlockID

9 g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon_blk_B2C (TO of Course2Block) - link g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon_Blk::BlockID = g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon_blk_B2C::BlockID

10 g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon_blk_b2c_COURSE (TO of Course) - link g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon_blk_B2C::CourseID = g1_stu_enr_crs_c2b_blk_blktsmon_blk_B2C::CourseID

Line 7 to 10 are repeated for each day of the week (BLKtsTUE, for example, matching all DayOfWeek fields with 'Tuesday', using Block table field gConstTue). The verbal logic of this sequence would be:

Select a specific student ID (g1_)

Select the student with that ID (STU)

Select the current year and term's enrollment records for that student (ENR)

Select the courses defined by the current enrollment records (CRS)

Select the blocks for each of the selected courses (C2B, BLK)

Select the timeslots in which each block occurs (BLKts~~~) where ~~~ is Mon, Tue, etc.

Finally, after all that, I have a layout which contains 5 portals, each of which show one of the days of the school week, using the relevant TO set from the above TOG. Within these portals, that day's timeslots are listed, sorted by start time, and showing the start time, title, and room for the related course.

Unfortunately, both via script and manually, some of the time when I select a student ID and switch to this layout, I get a blank set of portals more than half the time. I haven't been able to identify what the factor is when I DO get data. <frown>

Is there something I should start looking at? Or if there is a simpler way to accomplish this, either by rearranging the tables (shudder) or TOs, I would like to know that, too. I hope I've provided enough information; if not, let me know what I've left out and I'll report.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated!

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This topic is 4409 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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