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Multiple calculations on a field

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I have a simple text field containing these values: "1¶ 2¶ 3¶ 4¶ 5¶ etc..". It is created by a value list (check boxes) containing these numbers. I want to create a calculation, probably a repeating one, containing field with a date plus each of these numbers.

For example:

3 fields

day...date...result (repeated field, date, d-m-y)




I tried to make it with the "extend" function, but it only calculated the last value.

Anyway I don't like using repeating fields, but I can't think of an other way.

It is a database that holds names and other data and use a portal to show the dates of an action each week. This portal is what I'm trying here.

Thanks for your help

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Try =

Let ( [

i =  Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ;

n = Extend ( NumberOfDays )

] ;

Case ( i ≤ n ; Extend ( StartDate ) + i - 1 )


Another option is to calculate the end date and make the relationship:

StartDate ≤ ActionDate


cEndDate ≥ ActionDate

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Thanks Comment.

I don't need to get the dates like that. Let me explain it more..

The week starts on Saturday. There's a date field that I manually enter the date. Lets say "5/2/2011". I need to register the day that the action happened. For example Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. What I have is a value list containing these values: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. These are the days after the starting date. Then there is a field "day" with checkboxes, with the header "Saturday, Sunday, Monday" and so on. So you check the boxes of the corresponding days. Here: "136". Then there's a repeating calculation field that have to do this: rep1= 1 + date field, rep2= 3 + date field, rep3= 6 + date field. So the results would be like this: rep1= "6/2/2011", rep2="8/2/2011", rep3="11/2/2011". Then I can have a report, that states who did the action everyday of the week.

I'm trying to get that result all day, today..

Thanks for your help

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No the order doesn't matter. As I see it, it's a case of creating a repeating field with each character of a simple field:

simple field = "5314"

repeating field= rep1 "5", rep2 "3", rep3 "1", rep4 "4"

I just tried to do it using " Left ( day ; Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) )" but with no luck.

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This topic is 4385 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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