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Displaying a PDF in a Web Viewer which is stored in a Container field


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After doing alot of research and testing I discovered that you can view a pdf in a web viewer, taking as the source a pdf stored in a container field. The way to do this is by exporting the pdf in the container field to a temporary location using the function Get(TemporaryPath), and then pointing the web viewer to that location.

I have tested this by adding a file to a folder in my desktop and pointing the web viewer to this location and file. This works perfectly and you can view the pdf in the web viewer.

The the problem that I am having is that I have not been able to export this file from the container to that temporary folder which points to in the Get(TemporaryPath) function. I know that the folder is there and I have manually populated this folder with another pdf, which makes it even more strange as it works, which cancels out any issues with permissions or read and write to the folder.

I have added an example of what I am trying to do..




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This topic is 4380 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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