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How Do I get source code from a web page into a FM Field


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Hello, I am writing a FileMaker script and need to extract a piece of information from the source code of a web page. Viewing the source code manually is not difficult, I just bring up the web page I'm interested in and under Safari's View menu I select View Source ( I am using Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro). However I would like to automate this process using a script rather than performing these tasks manually. Does anybody know of a way to view web page source code directly in a FileMaker field. I am thinking of something similar to 360 Works ScriptMaster GetURLasText(url) calculation function. With the GetURLasText(url) function you simply set the calculation of a calculation field to GetURLasText("url name") and the field displays as text. Is anybody aware of a GetURLasSourceCode(url) calculation function or something similar that would accomplish the same task? Once I have the source code in a FileMaker field, parsing the desired information should be trivial. Sincerely, George

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This topic is 4370 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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