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bi-directional connection to filemaker 11 advance and mysql 5.5


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I have a server1 (O/S is Windows 2008) that runs Filemaker server advanced and the client machines (O/S is windows7) are running Filemaker pro advanced.

I have another server2 (O/S is Windows 2008)is running mysql IIS7 and PHP.

I am trying to make a live bi-directional connection between Mysql and filemaker (Filemaker will be hosting the data). I have remote clients that will be adding data through a browser window connecting to mysql. I need the information they add to be put into the filemaker database live. I have local users that will be using Filemaker Pro advanced to also enter data and the remote users need to be able to see the changes.

What I have done so far. I have installed the mysql odbc 5.1 driver on the server1 that is hosting the data.

1, Created a table in Mysql that has the same fields as the filemaker database.

2, made a connection with the external data sources within filemaker.

3, have then gone into Manage Database and have added the external table

4, Made the relationships between both Filemaker Pro fields and the the fields in the mysql table.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I cannot see any data being exchanged between filemaker or Mysql.


Do I have to install the filemaker odbc client on the server hosting mysql?

Do I have to create a Sql Query to make Filemaker and Mysql exchange Data?

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This topic is 4332 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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