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I have recently purchased the "pro" version of SM.

Now I am playing around with it.

For sending sms to a gateway, that I work with, I need to send several info.

I have tried the Post Data to URL function, but that only allow 1 key. Reading in the script I see that it should be possibly to add more keys/values. However, the suggested way locks to a specific number of keys/values.

I was thinking of being able to send a list to the function, where each value contains first the key, then seperated by e.g. a pipe.

Anyway, I kind of gave up on that function, as I could not see how to accomplish the above mentioned method.

Then I saw that I could use the get URL as container. Just changed the output to text. I then constructed the full url to send and that worked.

However, the gateway I am using would return a xml string, so I could verify each sms to several recievers and then process the result in FM.

The output from this function is only index.xml so that does not say anything.

In another solution, I am using Fusion Reactor plugin, which also have Send_http() function. But they also have http_response function. So with that plugin, it works.

The thing is that I do not have that plugin availble on all my projects, so that's why I wanted to use SM for this.

Anyone have an idea of how I could get this to work ?

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You can either work to modify the existing ScriptMaster modules, write a new one, or you may want to check out our WebAssistant plugin at http://360works.com/url-plugin/ which should do what you're looking for.

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This topic is 4327 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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