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Auto enter to line items when record is created or modified


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Hello friends,

I have a customerTable with fields customerID and currentSalesRep. I have another customerNotesTable that acts as a line items table for keeping track of notes related to the customerID. I have match fields being customerID. In a form layout on the customerTable I have a portal to the customerNotesTable line items with fields NoteField, CreatedBy, & DateCreated

I am trying to find a way to have a new note automatically created (new record on the customerNotesTable) when modification is done to the customer record in any field. In this example, if I change the currentSalesRep for a customer in the customerTable from "John Deer" to "Jane Doe," I would like for a new note/line item record to be automatically created in the customerNotesTable, with the NoteField containing the details of the change, ie something like "currentSalesRep changed from John Deer to Jane Doe" and then CreatedBy would be auto enter account name, and DateCreated would be auto enter date.

Ideally, I would want any change to any field to automatically create a new note saying which field was changed from what value to what value, who did it, and when.

Does this sound possible?


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This topic is 4328 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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