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Calc step for "includes this text"?

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I kind of can't believe I don't know this / have never had to do this before, but there you go.

What syntax do I use in a Case calculation to indicate that I want a positive return if it contains (but is not limited to) my specified block of text? It's not " = ".

In other words, I want to write a Case calc that, in my brain, functions like this:

Case ( PeriodicalName CONTAINS "New York"; "Yes"; "No")

and returns

The New Yorker - Yes

The New York Times - Yes

Reader's Digest - No

Time Out New York - Yes

New Breeds of Yorkshire Terriers - No

York News - No

The New York Post - Yes

Rolling Stone - No

What structural element stands in for my imaginary 'CONTAINS'? A Google search wasn't immediately helpful, not least because, as is clear, I don't know what terminology to use.


The context:

This is for a DB that pops out HTML and CSS for event inclusion on a Web site. The Children's Department here at the public library has many different events with the name "Story Time," and many with the name "Kids cook," et c.

I want the events to pop out with their CSS ID styles in place, so that although most of the Children's Dept. events come out nicely formatted with <span id="kidsevent">, any Story Time thing - Walk-In Story Time, or Story Time On Thursday Afternoon, or End Of Session Story Time Concert - will be addressed with <span id="storytime">, and therefore will appear with the recognizable custom Story Time graphics on the site.


Although in my New York periodical example I framed this as a yes/no, it's not actually a binary calculation, which is why I need it to be a Case calc returning text. 'Story Time' is one of eight or nine series that need their own distinctive graphics displayed.

Thanks in advance.

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This topic is 4324 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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