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Conditional Format Field Bold and Highlight FMP 11 Advanced


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I'm just a bit above being a total novice, I've been searching about row highlighting for a couple days now and there are so many that I am getting dizzy.

I am using FMP 11 Advanced, Please tell me the most simple way I can do row highlighting in List View. I also want to have the fields in the entire row bold when it is highlighted and the current record if possible. I was able to do conditional formatting in portal rows where I have 2 occurrences of my CustomersTable self joined and CustomerID (of the first occurrence) = CustomerID (of second occurrence). That was quite easy, but I can't seem to figure it out in List View.

In List View, I would like :

1. for the row I select, either by mouse or by up and down arrow keys (if possible), to become highlighted

2. for all the fields in that selected row to become bold

I tried doing a global field with Get (RecordID) but for some reason can't get it to work... I select the field as a calculation field with text result, and storage I set as global. For some reason, it doesn't change to the correct CustomerID when I select a different record.... Also RecordID doesn't even seem to be the same as what I have for CustomerID (an autoenter serial field) that I set up.

If I can't have it bold, I will settle for just highlighting the row. Help, my head is spinning.

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This topic is 4318 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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